Where Does My Money Go?

Your taxes are keeping things moving - paying for our services, paying our debt, keeping counties running, implementing development projects...

But how much taxes do you actually pay? Here, you could calculate it all - your incometax and what taxes you pay while you go through your life (lifestyle).

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Automatically Calculate your Income Tax

Income tax is the tax you pay out of your salary or monthly income.


Automatically Calculate Lifestyle Taxes

Lifestyle taxes are the taxes you pay for everything as you go through life.


Find Out Where your Taxes Go

See how the government spends your money when you pay taxes.

This is your Income Tax Breakdown

Calculate your monthly income tax

How much do you earn per month?

If you have medical insurance, how much do you pay per year?

Gross Pay: Ksh. 0.00
NSSF: Ksh. 0.00
How much of your money is taxed? Ksh. 0.00
Personal Relief: Ksh. 0.00
Insurance Relief: Ksh. 0.00
Pay As You Earn (PAYE): Ksh. 0.00
NHIF: Ksh. 0.00
Take Home Income: Ksh. 0.00

We calculate these taxes based on the 2018 tax regulations
We do not include some income streams like rental income and non cash benefits. We aim to keep it simple enough for everyone to follow.

How much goes to the government
Ksh. 0.00

How much you keep

Calculate your monthly lifestyle taxes

Fill the approximate amounts that you spend on various aspects of your life and automatically calculate approximate taxes on each

Household shopping
(Food, detergents and other household goods)
Tax: Ksh. 0.00
Utilities - Electricity Tax: Ksh. 0.00
Energy - Cooking Gas Tax: Ksh. 0.00
Transport - Fuel Tax: Ksh. 0.00
Tax: Ksh. 0.00
Tax: Ksh. 0.00
Tax: Ksh. 0.00
Tax: Ksh. 0.00
Figures in Ksh.
Your take home income 0.00
Your income tax 0.00
Your lifestyle tax 0.00
Total Taxes you pay (Income Tax +Lifestyle Tax) 0.00
Effective Tax Rate : 0.00%
Effective Tax Rate - The percentage of your money that goes to government

Please note that we only calculate Value Added Tax (VAT) as part of your lifestyle tax. There are other taxes, duties and levies that are imposed on many goods, but we do not yet have a comprehensive list. Would you like to help with this? Just fill in the feedback form below!

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This is the total amount of money you give the government:

This amount is distributed through various departments, ministries and counties

Click on any of the entities below to drill down further and know where your money goes.

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So there you have it!

0.00 of your income is spent on taxes, representing 0.00%! In , we shall be updating this platform with details of how the government spends your money - how much is allocated to which ministry and which government programmes get your money.

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